Ed and Justine

Hi there, I’m Karen. I work from my home in Sussex, and I love what I do. 

I have always adored flowers and have a vivid memory from my childhood of setting up a ‘flower shop’ on my parents’ dining room table with bunches of flowers from the local country show. Perhaps the seed for Blossom and Bee was sown way back then?

My style is natural, colourful, seasonal flowers. I love mixing textures, colours and fragrance to create floral arrangements that make people smile. I especially enjoy working with British-grown flowers using ever evolving sustainable floristry techniques.

As a former event manager, I love thinking about all the little details that make events memorable and unique. I remember at my own wedding how happy all the little touches made me, from having my Nanny’s golden locket attached to my bouquet, to sourcing cider from the Glastonbury Festival Cider Bus to serve to our loved ones. To me, it’s about all those little details. 

I would love to find out about you, so please get in touch.

The following values are at the heart of what I do

I want all of my flowers to ignite that moment of pure joy at seeing something beautiful, created especially for you

I will only ever work with high quality materials to produce high quality work. I’m a natural perfectionist!

I will endeavour to always use and learn about the most environmentally friendly materials and floristry techniques

I will be available to answer any questions that you have to make your floral dreams become a reality, and will always respond in a helpful and timely manner 

Knowledge and education
you don’t need to know anything about flowers! I will share my knowledge with you (just try and stop me!) and you can learn as much or as little as you like about your flowers along the way